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Awareness of the outside world. When I’m deep in news overconsumption, I leave the TV muted on the News Mix channel, which shows quarter-frame views of CNN, MSNBC, Fox, & BBC America. It’s a fascinating exercise in story selection. The four stations cover a majority of the same issues. When they diverge, CNN & MSNBC track together. Fox goes right. BBCAm goes global. You know we are in a crisis when all four channels are showing the same image.

Bling from the Virtual Savannah Bridge Run 5k last month. [Strolling In Another Park Another Day, Walk Report, Savannah Bridge Run, Virtual 5K, December 2020]

Requisite race shirt, bib, and medal, plus …

… drumroll …

An award! 5k Age Group Winner! My first running walking award! My only award from 2020!

Reality Check. Given my time of almost 1:20, I suspect the contestant pool was small to non-existent. I may have been alone. No 2020 results posted, so I can’t tell, SBR: Results.

That’s okay. I’ve done single classes, particularly in driving. I have no qualms about them. I came. I met the requirements. I accept the results. Gimme my loot.

Also, I made sure this was not one of the walks where the GPS went wonky and gave me a false, fast time. The result was real. I also checked that my age was correct. Otherwise, I would have said something.

It is, Sir, as I have said, a small award. And yet there are those who love it!

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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