Blankets Are Back


Lucky enough to have horses

Awareness of the outside world. Follow-up to yesterday. I am not a fan of Fox News. Often just reading the headlines on the News Mix channel will cause me to rant and gibber. However, in a detached, intellectual, evil-empire fashion, I have to admire their way with words. No matter the situation, they are always able to find one small corner that they can turn to their advantage. Their spinmasters may be soulless cretins, but they are good at their job.

During the most recent cold snap, Rodney decided to give a turn-out blanket another try. I believe his exact words were, ‘If you let me wear a blanket, I think I can hold my shit together this time.’

It worked. He’s been wearing the larger, blue, lightweight, 3-season turnout rug that we bought for him years ago. Milton has the smaller, green, heavyweight winter rug that used to belong to Mathilda.

In an ideal world, the blankets would be reversed. Rodney is a lizard. He never overheats. He could wear a heavyweight Rambo in 50o weather. If the trend continues, we will undoubtedly be updating their wardrobes.

Years ago, we had to stop blanketing because Rodney would shock himself. Milton has always wondered why *he* didn’t get a blanket just because the other horse had a problem. Rodney could wear a day rug, but the slick, rain-proof, turnout would cause him distress. [Zap!]

What changed? Different food? Change in body chemistry? More eventempered? Better tolerance of small inconveniences? No idea. Before he couldn’t; now he can.

I can feel the eyerolls from my Northern neighbors. No, it’s not that cold down here. No, they don’t need blankets. Why not? They seem to enjoy them.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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