Debriefing The New Year


Follow-up to [Intake Interview for a New Year].
Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

Dude! This was not what we had in mind. When we said be memorable, we didn’t mean take on 2020 in the first week.

Okay! Okay! No need to get agitated. (holds up hands in a placating fashion) You’ve made your point. You are no one’s follow-up year. We have the utmost respect for what you are capable of. (pause for shudder) You’re in charge. You’re the rollercoaster. We are simply strapped in for the ride.

Talk about impact. When you retire to the green room of history, people will be talking about you for decades. Your place in history is locked in. If you were going for notable, you aced it. Nothing but net.

We’d like to talk to you about what comes next. Here’s our thinking. Maybe you could take some time to evaluate your options? We’re all good if you want to chill for a while. Really, we’re fine with it. Put your feet up. Let things unfold. Plenty of time. Observe for a while. We can circle back to brainstorm the rest of the year in a few months. Maybe something in the “joy” line, you know, for balance? I’ll leave the details to you. You’re the boss.

(turns to audience) Whoever is holding 2021’s beer, please give it back.

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  1. I’m laughing my ass off reading this, but like also… please let that be the extent of the excitement. Uncle, uncle!!

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