Intake Interview for a New Year

Come in! Come in! Make yourself at home.

Well, you are at home, aren’t you? It’s your year. Literally.

That’s what we’d like to talk with you about. The sort of year you are planning to be.

As you know, we had a difficult relationship with 2020. The exit interview was acrimonious. A lot of folks are happy to see you. They are primed to believe in you. You just need to run with it.

Frankly, you could redo 2019 and be wildly popular. Not that you are anybody’s copy. No, no, not at all. You are your own year. We recognize your unique position in the calendar. We’re just saying the bar is low for consumer satisfaction. Be an improvement on 2020 and people will adore you.

We’re thinking you could take this opportunity to go big. Why be a mere improvement, when you could be so much more? The time is ripe for something really special. Here’s a branding idea we want to run past you. We are quite excited about it,

The Beloved Year

Gardens growing. Bumper harvests. Fewer hurricanes. Spontaneous peace breaking out. Food banks closing from lack of business.

We know it won’t be perfect. There’s a lot of pain in the world. January, specifically, is not looking good for us Covid-wise.

We choose to see this as giving you opportunity for upward movement.

Be a year that people will be sorry to see go. They will write the wrong date until April. That won’t happen for long this year, I can promise you.

Be the year that lives in memories with a golden glow. Forty years from now, comparison to you will be considered a compliment, ”Ah! that was proper twenty-twenty-one, that was!’

We want you to succeed. We’re rooting for you.

Welcome 2021.

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