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Awareness of the outside world. The Scamperbeasts, @scamperbeasts.
Blogger explaining to non-horsey coworker about progress with trainer.

My horse is away at boarding school and he started doing advanced calculus without me today and I only know math up to addition and subtraction so I’m kind of amazed.

Cob Jockey: Pony’s First FLYING CHANGES!!!!

Does that mean our horses are home-schooled?

Researchers have found that it takes seven positive comments to override the impact of one negative comment.

“Are You Prepared *Not* To Win?”
by Melonie Kessler
USDF Connection
May/June 2020
p 60

Your mind is governed by three natural laws: 1. You are what you think. 2. Every thought causes a physical reaction. 3. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. So be careful what you watch and listen to (even music and TV), and learn to replace worry, negative self-talk, jealousy, and judgment with goals solutions, gratitude, positive relationships, and mindfulness. – Laura King, performance and life coach, certified hypnotist, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner.

“Through The Levels”
by Jennifer O. Bryant
USDF Connection
May/June 2020
p 50
The Horse: Study Confirms Horses ‘Talk’ to Human Handlers, by Christa Lesté-Lasserre, 2016.

File this under No Shit. Although I was interested that the horses waited to get the human’s attention before communicating. ‘Hey, you. Yeah you, hooman. That bucket. Right over there.’ I wonder if they sometimes think we are slow.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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