Recap Week 2020 Fitness, Medal Medley

Fit To Ride, For The Record

Because I’m going to want to remember where I went.

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“Does bling matter? You might as well ask if horse show ribbons matter. and that’s just plain heresy.” [Green Bay]

I’ll save you the counting. That’s 15 medals.
14 recognized walks
+ 2 DIY walks
+ 1 bonus bling for being in both races [Bee]
– 2 unarrived medals

Three virtual challenges. [Will Walk and Bike for Bling]

After the first few around the pasture, I decided to see the sights. Outside and away from other people was deemed okay. Aimed for a new park for each walk. Amazed at what I was able to find. 5k unless otherwise stated.

Pasture [La Jolla Shores, Medal] first virtual walk

Pasture [Green Bay, Medal] second virtual walk, fourth walk, first medal

Pasture [Flying Pig] weekend, Saturday
Pasture [Bear With Me] weekend, Sunday

Oak Meadow [Gaelic Gallop]

Birmingham Botanical Gardens [Calgary & Photos]

Wind Creek [Walk In The Woods & Mississippi River DIY Aug 29]

Aldridge Gardens [Dragon Within DIY & Art]

Hoover [Santa Fe] 3-in-1, Monday
Birmingham Zoo [Toronto Zoo] 3-in-1, Wednesday
Heardmont Park [Bronx Zoo] 3-in-1, Friday

Pasture [5th Avenue Mile]

Oak Meadow, return [Mississippi River DIY, Sept 29] inaugural weekly 5k if no bling walk

Montevallo Greenway [Queen Bee 4-Miler & Mississippi River DIY, Oct 20]

Orr Park & Greenway [Baltimore & Mississippi River DIY, Oct 27 ]

Chelsea Rec [Mississippi River DIY, Oct 28] 1 mile

Buck Creek Trail [Mississippi River DIY, Oct 30] 2 miles

Joe Tucker [LEJOG, Nov 4 & Photos]

Lake Cosby [LEJOG Nov 6] 2 km

Richard Wood Park, Thorsby [LEJOG Nov 13] feed store

Vulcan Trail [Magic City & LEJOG Nov 20]

Rotary Trail [LEJOG Nov 24]

Beeswax Creek [Peachtree] 10K

Railroad Park [Savannah Bridge & LEJOG Dec 5]

Lee Springs [LEJOG Dec 9]
Inverness corporate park [Melbourne & LEJOG Dec 10] redo
Hillsboro Trail. Lee Springs walk on part of this.
unnamed woods hike. Lee Springs walk on part of this. Update.

Inverness corporate park II [LEJOG Dec 17]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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