Disc Stroll, Santa Fe International Virtual 5K, Hoover, AL, September 2020

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Awareness of the outside world. When one & one’s spouse are a pair of curmudgeonly hermits, Christmas 2020 doesn’t look that different from any other year. I realize this is not the case for others. If your holiday has been disrupted and you are worried about tomorrow, remember this. December 25 is just another day. Norman Rockwell was just a guy selling magazine covers. Christmas in pajamas is not without its pleasures.
Catching up on the last bling walk from 2020. Turned out to be a disc golf course. [Bling Walk Archives]

Santa Fe International Virtual 5K, Run Signup
Official – September 20 – October 31, 2020
Mine – September 21, 2020
Location – Inverness Nature Park and Trails
Time – 1:13:43
Results, Overall – 10th of 10
Results, Gender – 9th of 9, making gender assumptions based on first names
Results, Division – 1 of 1, by age I assume
Tracker – Map My Walk


During Virtual Tevis, I had my tracker set to miles. Now that I am doing virtual UK, I switched to kilometers, in order to fit in with the locals. Turns out 5 kilometers = 3.107 miles. I have been off by .007 miles all year. Oops.

The Race
I think the race did not turn out the way the organizers hoped. Participation was close to non-existent. My race had 10 finishers. The half marathon had 12. The 1k had one person. I was sent a cheesy albeit colorful gaiter instead of the promised hand-painted medal. Included was a note along the lines of, I hope you didn’t just do this for the medal. Well, yes I did just do it for the medal. Otherwise, I could have walked on my own and skipped sending you money. Now the website sends up a security alert when I try to access it. It could have been a scam but feels more like poor planning.

The Park
Hilly. Wooded. Not marked aside from disc course. Never found the advertised 1.8 mile walking trail. Or maybe I did. Ended up returning to truck on the side of the road using GPS. Not a path for a fast time. I wonder how municipalities decide to build a baseball diamond vs a soccer field vs a disc course.

“Inverness Nature Park is a 77-acre, forested, passive park featuring …” Inverness Nature Park and Trails.

“In the context of this article, ‘passive’ denotes parks that don’t have sports fields or facilities, such as a rink or court where youth and adults play in organized leagues.” Parks & Rec Business: Passive Parks, by Randy Gaddo, 2018

Disc golf doesn’t seem passive to me.

The Sport
File this with the vast number of things I had no idea were out there. Professional Disc Golf Association


Course Map

Range of Equipment.

“Each of our different plastics offer unique characteristics and advantages.” Innova: Plastic Types Overview

Chart on the Innova site has six categories of discs with multiple options in each category. “Discs on the left side of our chart are better for throwing upwind, while discs on the right of the chart are better for throwing downwind. Less powerful players would be better suited to throwing discs on the lower right side of the chart as they require less power to get distance. More powerful players may choose discs on the upper left side of the chart for more control in all wind situations.” Innova: Discs

The rabbit hole is deep.

Disc Specs

Course Protocol

Any disc golfers out there care to comment on the sport?

Update: This was my Monday 5k the week I did three walks. Was waiting for medal before posting. Finally gave up. It had been so long since then & I did so many more walks later in the year that I forgot to opine on the three-in-one. Not much to say other than ‘Can I do it? Yes. I did it.’ [Wednesday, Friday]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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