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Awareness of the outside world. “It’s fashionable to pretend that the US response to COVID-19 has been disastrously, unconscionably bad, but that’s really not true. We could have and should have done better, but we’re not really all that different from other similar rich countries.”

“Cases are a different matter. The US really does lead in the number of COVID-19 cases, but we also have a very low case fatality rate, which is why our death rate is not too far above the average. Is this because we test more people and therefore include more marginal cases? Is it because our health care is better? Is it because we skew younger than most European countries? Inquiring minds want to know.” Mother Jones: The COVID-19 Death Rate In the US Is Fairly Normal, blog by Kevin Drum, Dec 22, 2020.

Micro, Intro Jumping

Rodney continues to regard anything between standards with misguided enthusiasm.

Rodney: Lemme go! Lemme go! I got this! I got this!

Me: Dude, I’m all for fire-breathing dragon. However, we are not heading into the jump-off of the Adult Final at Washington.

Rodney: Fast! Fast is the way to jump!

Me: No. You have to demonstrate that you can jump correctly before we turn on the after-burners. Trust me, warp speed is way too fast for a pole on the ground. Can we dial it back a notch or six? K. Thx. Bye.

Rodney: Basics are boring.

Micro, Intro Driving

Milton pulled a tire! First time tied to something since October of last year [Back In Harness]. We got close a few times at the beginning of the year, but plans fell through. Then 2020 fell on all of us. [Milton’s Moments]

Technically, Milton pushed a tire. One assumes that the horse in front pulls the cart in the rear. In reality, the horse pushes on the breastplate or horsecollar. The energy is transmitted down the traces to drag the cart forward. The shafts are for steering.

I will admit, I had my doubts. I had visions of horse and tire zinging back and forth across the pasture.

Milton was a champ. Took him about 50 feet to remember about pulling (pushing) things, then it was old hat. Steering is still a work in progress. ‘That’s my header. Over there. Right over there.’ With the tire on the ground, the traces ride lower than normal. Mox nix.

Gold star, Milton. I apologize for doubting you.

No pics since I was serving as back-up on one end of the horse or the other, either holding the leadrope or the reins.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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