The Strolling Pigventure, Walk Report, Flying Pig Marathon, Virtual 5K 2020

Fit To Ride


Flying Pig Marathon
Virtual 5k
Date, official – May 2, 2020
Date, actual – Saturday June 13, 2020
Location, official – Cincinnati, Ohio
Location, actual – Pasture
Time, official – 1:15
Time, actual – 1:12
Pace – 23:13
No placings

App, offical – Race Roster
App, actual – Map My Walk
Soundtrack – Mort by Terry Pratchett, alternated with quiet laps.
From the bookshelf – Nada. Wasn’t working as well as I thought it would. Let it slide.
Awareness of the Outside World – FPM: Greening of the Pig, FMP: 2020 Charity Program Overview

Official Vs. Actual, What’s Up With That
Date & Location. The race was originally scheduled IRL in May. That got canceled. The IRL race was to have been in Ohio, The virtual walk took place in laps around my horse pasture, per usual.

Time. After much dithering, which I will spare you, I decided to use the Pig as my June walk. However, they had a deadline of June 1 for results. I picked a likely outside time and sent in it to get my nose counted. No way was I missing Pig bling!

The time I put down ended being pretty close to my actual time. Note to self, if I want to finish in under an hour, don’t stop to make notes to myself.

App. To register results, one needed to use Race Roster. That’s why I practiced with it earlier [Cellcom]. By the time I got around to walking, I was so wildly non-standard that I didn’t bother downloading another app onto my new phone.

Most of the loot came with my entry. I bought the coffee cup as an extra. I may have gone overboard on the pig paraphernalia. How could I not? [Flying Pigs]

[Walk Archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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