Strolling Around and Around and Around, Walk Report, Cellcom Green Bay Virtual 5k 2020

Fit To Ride



Cellcom Green Bay Marathon
Virtual 5k
Chez Moi, 9 laps around the pasture
Bib # – 10308. Dunno why it matters. Got one; recording it. Either they had huge numbers of entries, or they allocated certain numerical runs to various races.
Sunday May 17, 2020
Time – 1:17:53, reported by honor system
Pace – 24:32
No placings


App – Screenshots from Runkeeper. For Flying Pig [Will Walk], I sign in with this. Figured I’d give it a test walk. Minor differences from previous app. I’m still slow.

Entertainment – Phone call with my Mom. Waves Hi. Listened to The News by Alain de Botton, narration by Nicholas Bell. Figured it would be timely.

Pace – In my defense, dog came on the first lap. Took lots of waiting and part of my sandwich to get his short legs all the way around the pasture. For the rest of the laps, attempted to balance meditative strolling with picking up the pace so I wouldn’t be out there all day.

Medal – None yet. Supply chain delays. I’m gonna be rolling in bling when they all arrive [La Jolla].

“Green Bay is Wisconsin’s oldest settlement, with the French setting up a fur-trading center here in 1634. Yes, it’s that old.” Travel Wisconsin: 48 Hours to Explore Green Bay

“Did you know that Green Bay, Wisconsin is the smallest city in the United States to host a professional sports team?” Greater Green Bay C&VB: Things to Do, Attractions & Fun Things to Do in Green Bay

Race Reviews
50 after 40: 2017 Green Bay Marathon Review

“For the most part, Green Bay is a collection of neighborhoods rather than a city of tall buildings. It has a few medium sized buildings but nothing impressive from an east coast standard. It is not an overstatement to say the biggest thing in Green Bay is Lambeau Field!” Runner’s Anonymous: Go Pack Go! The 2014 Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

Trail Genius: Green Bay Marathon Recap 2012

From The Bookshelf
Number of books about Green Bay – many
Number of books about Green Bay that are not about football – not so many

Results, Screenshots
I have no explanation for the inconsistent elevations.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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