Will Walk For Bling

Fit To Ride


To fill the void left by horse show ribbons in 2020, I have turned to medals for virtual 5K walks. I am aiming for one a month.

2019 [Proof of Concept, Race, er, Walk Report, Magic City Run 2019] IRL

January [Strolling To A Soundtrack, Walk Report, MLK Day Drum Run 2020] IRL

April [Strolling Along, Walk Report, La Jolla Shores Virtual 5K 2020] Virtual

For various reasons, mostly having to with me crawling along at turtle speed, I don’t yet have a medal to display from these. I should get one soon. Loot!

Signed Up – All virtual [Virtual Bling]
May Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Sunday the 17th

June. Solstice walk. Anchorage, Alaska & Tromsø, Norway have both canceled theirs, so mine may be even more virtual that usual. Fairbanks, Alaska offers a virtual 10k. New moon means no night walk. Saturday the 20th.

July Gaelic Gallop, BreyerFest 5K Run/Walk Sunday the 12th.

Considering – All virtual
August Derby Festival Mini Marathon. Since this is 13.1 miles, I would distribute it over four weekends. “This means you can even plan to run your distance in segments.” Derby Festival Marathon: Virtual Race FAQs . One advantage to virtual, I can parse it however I want. Not sure I want to commit to that much walking and the medal is in honor of a boxer rather than in an equine design. Saturday, August 22. Virtual offered. Closing date August 17th.

September, October, and November. I’m hoping a few of the bigs offer a virtual 5k option. Abbott World Marathon Majors

Boston Marathon, Monday the 14th.

To The Front Lines
We’ll wait to start until you reach the finish.
Thank You
BAA: Home


BMW Berlin Marathon, Sunday the 27th. Canceled.

Virgin Money London Marathon, Sunday the 4th.

Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Sunday the 11th.

Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, Sunday the 18th.


Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati Ohio. How can I not [Flying Pigs]? I wonder how Rodney would feel about walking 5k. Sunday the 11th.

Upon further research, I found that the virtual Flying Pig was held on the original date of Sunday May 3. Went ahead & registered late. May do the walk over the summer. May save the medal for the October weekend. If October is also virtual, I’ll walk twice. Or I’ll walk one and Rodney will walk one. Who knows. The point is, ordered me a Flying Pig medal.

Now that I have signed up, I find that they have set a deadline of June 1st for the virtual. Oh well, two in one month is doable. Onwards.

TCS New York City Marathon. The one that started it all [Proof of Concept], Sunday the 1st.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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