Flying Pigs

Celebrating Art


by Nikumo
Instagram: nikumo_

Something perky pinky for your post-Christmas &/or mid-week doldrums.

Artist’s Statement
“Thank you for having entrusted me with the realization of this drawing. It’s a first time for me and making these little pigs was very fun !”

“If Rodney sets a hoof in a show ring … I will commission an artwork of flying pigs wearing iceskates while singing.” [A Radiance of Ribbons]

No. Seriously. What?
Explanation [Visions of Flying Pigs Wearing Iceskates While Singing, Help Me Make It Happen]. In the comments for this post, magreenlee introduced me to the artist.

A triumph for horse showing, art, and blog connections.

[Piiiiiigs In Briiiiiiks]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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