A Radiance of Ribbons, Show Recap 2018

After a show season, an end-of-the-year activity is to hang all of one’s ribbons on one’s horse, for example Contact: 2018 You Been Good. I couldn’t face sorting out all the horses and their ribbons – and isn’t that a wonderful problem to have – so I have done it digitally. Commentary below.

The Horses

Tigger By Tiger (Tigger)
Underlying photo by Sandra Hall
Sultan’s Miracle Man (Sam)
Underlying photo by Casey McBride
Whiskey Throttle (Whiskey)
Underlying photo by Doug Shiflet
Bel Cheval’s I’m Joanie (Joanie)
Underlying photo by Doug Shiflet
HB Whizbang (Snippy)
Underlying photo by Casey McBride
Underlying photo by Brian Pope.

The Shows
[I am not back. This is not a post: Milton The Driving Horse] Milton. The infamous, to us anyway, Tennessee Combined Driving schooling show. I suppose I have to include this in a list of shows. Sigh.
[The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, Show Report & Photos, Mid-South Spring Premiere 2018, Riding] Sam, Snippy (driving), Milton (non-compete ride & drive)
[Notes from North Georgia, Milton] Milton (non-compete ride & drive)
[The Canadian Horse & The Red Queen Take Second, Show Report, Alabama Fun Show #1 2018, ERA Stables] Milton
[Our First Blue, But … Show Report, Alabama Fun Show #2 2018, Stepping Stone Farm, Hunt Seat] Milton, Sam, Whiskey (driving)
[Maintaining Our Firm Grip On Last Place And That’s Okay, Show Report, Dressage at Full Circle Horse Park, Summer 2018] Milton
[Victory Is Ours! Show Report, Alabama Fun Show #3 2018, Heathermoor Farm, Hunt Seat] Milton, Sam
[First Dance, Show Report, Southeastern Charity 2018, Riding] Joanie, Whiskey (driving & riding)
[For This I Cleaned My Tack? Show Report, Dressage at Full Circle Horse Park, October 2018] Milton
[Not In My Backyard, Show Report, SSF Home Show, 2018] Joanie, Milton (non-compete, costume)
[That Elusive Sunday Blue, Show Report, National Academy Championship Horse Show, 2018] Joanie, Tigger
[Once More Into the Fray, Show Report, Winter Tournament 2018-19 #1, Riding] Sam, Whiskey (driving)

The Numbers, Looking Back
Shows: 12
Saddle Seat: 7 total, 3 big, 4 small
Pleasure Driving: 4
Hunt Seat: 3
Dressage: 2
Combined Driving: 1
Non-compete: 3

Tigger: 1 show, but what a show.
Sam: 4 shows, 10 ribbons, 8 of them blue. I love this horse. Not because we win, which is nice, but because we get along well enough that we win.
Joanie: 3 shows. She got me into the ring at Nationals. I give her an assist on our Sunday win.
Whiskey: 3 shows, 2 drive, 1 ride & drive. Whatever is needful. What a good boy.
Snippy: 1 show, 1 class. My best driving of the year, our best class together. The only driving class where I had competition.
Milton: 9 shows total, 1 CDE, 3 non-compete, 3 hunt seat, 2 dressage.

Me: 11 shows. Pretty good for not starting until the end of May.
Greg: 3 shows total, 1 showing, 2 non-compete.

Months: 8, one each March, May, June, July, two each August, September, October & November

Ribbons: 39, 23 saddle seat, 6 hunt seat, 4 driving, 4 dressage, 1 costume, 1 CDE (pity ribbon)
Blues: 18
Yes, there’s a lot of blue up there. I will be the first to cop to the fact some are from solo classes (5/18, driving & hunt seat). I figure, I was there, I did what was asked, I’ll take the ribbon, thank you very much. Since many of the classes were small, much of the color (*cough*Milton’s dressage*cough*) comes from last place. Again, management chooses to divide the show into small classes? I do my thing, I take my ribbon.

The Plan, Looking Forward
I have no idea. Even less than usual.

Milton. Your guess is as good as mine. Low-level dressage? Small hunter or jumper shows? Little events? Driving? Will he be ready? Will he keep his brain together when we get there? We shall see.

Rodney: Ha. It could happen. Pigs could fly. The horse could learn to sing. If Rodney sets a hoof in a show ring, any ring, I will commission an artwork of flying pigs wearing iceskates while singing.

Saddle Seat. I wallow in my eternal, self-imposed Academy limbo. In the past few years, it hasn’t been too bad. The same group of us adults appears at the shows. They beat me. I beat them. At some point, new riders will join our party. If they are up from the juniors, or new to riding, I will feel bad beating them. Or they will beat me and I will feel worse.

We’ll wing it. After all, 2018 turned out well for a year wherein we made up the schedule as it went along.

Photo by Brian Pope

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Congratulations! You’re going to need a whole room to show off your ribbons. Mine (mostly from the county fair) are in a bucket in my closet.

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