The Unbridgeable Abyss That Shall Eternally Divide Them

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the Ride   I’ve spilled a fair amount of electrons comparing saddle seat to other disciplines. There is one place where they will never, ever agree. Wanna taunt a saddle seat trainer? Send photos after you trim manes and tails. Left, Rodney’s mane. Trimmed because he looked like a shaggyContinue reading “The Unbridgeable Abyss That Shall Eternally Divide Them”

Finding A Horse To Match The Hat

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.   Note. I have not forgotten the world as it is. Taking a detour into dreamland for a moment. ~~~     Animated Trot is now selling hats in addition to magnets [The Magnetic Attraction of Saddlebreds]. Bought one as a gesture of support. Now I have toContinue reading “Finding A Horse To Match The Hat”

Throwback Thursday, The Whatever Horse, Guest Photo

Random Images     Just George Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trails 1987 (I’ll save you the math. 32 years ago. I was 24.) Photo by Deborah Rubin George took everything I threw at him. Eventing? Whatever. Hunters? Whatever. Side-saddle? Whatever. Foxhunting? Whatever. Bridleless & bareback? Whatever. Fancy dress side-saddle with imported double bridle? Whatever.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday, The Whatever Horse, Guest Photo”

Saddlebred Versatility, Jumpers

Adventures in Saddle Seatbreds   This post is straight-up digital stalking. I wasn’t there. I don’t know anything more than what I’ve seen online. If you know more about ASB-over-fences showing, please correct me. If you were there to watch or ride, wanna do a guest post and tell us all about it? This year,Continue reading “Saddlebred Versatility, Jumpers”

Pix Are Always Amusing To Look Back On, Show Photos, Falcon Hill Farm, July 2019

Return to Hunter/Jumperland   Falcon Hill Jumper Show Hunter classes Saturday July 13, 2019 [Show Report] Photos by @kaitiefitzphotography Cute-looking jump. Unfortunately, the perked ears & high knees mean he’s overly excited. This was just before the mini-meltdown in the 4th class. When he’s relaxed, he tranters the jumps. 3rd class Does he really needContinue reading “Pix Are Always Amusing To Look Back On, Show Photos, Falcon Hill Farm, July 2019”

Making Progress, Going Nowhere, Show Report El Gezira, Hunters, July 2019

Return to Hunter/Jumperland   El Gezira Jumper Show Alabama Hunter Jumper Association El Gezira Riding Academy Harpersville, AL, USA Saturday, July 20, 2019 1 Academy Caveletti I, Adult – 3rd of 3 2 Academy Cavaletti II, Adult – 2nd of 4 3 Academy Beginning Hunter I – 6th of 8 4 Academy Beginning Hunter IIContinue reading “Making Progress, Going Nowhere, Show Report El Gezira, Hunters, July 2019”

Does This Saddle Make Me Look Sporty?

Training Journal   Yes, Milton you look very sporty in a saddle that costs more than you did. Saddle trials courtesy of Mo Fitts, Decoucoux Technical Advisor [Facebook] at Falcon Hill Farm. What follows is my best understand from what was said & my notes. Errors mine. Saddles First saddle: 17 1/2. Open tree. 00Continue reading “Does This Saddle Make Me Look Sporty?”