Rodney’s Jumping History, A Short List

Jumping Diary Note. Originally this was the second half of yesterday’s post. On one hand, too much of a downer, wanted to let yesterday’s victory have its own space. On the other hand, wanted to keep the record now that I’ve assembled the links. So, second post. Our Jumping History Partly because I can’t resistContinue reading “Rodney’s Jumping History, A Short List”

(Re)Starting Small

Jumping Diary     Raised pole, trot fence. No actually leaping. All parties definitely in jump mode. Excellent approach and attitude. You know, if when this ever comes together, it’s not clear who is going to be more obnoxiously impossible to live with – horse or rider.     In order to take advantage ofContinue reading “(Re)Starting Small”

The Magnetic Attraction of Saddlebreds

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.     To fund her shows this year, and to promote the versatility of the American Saddlebred, Sheila Palmer, aka Saddlebred Addict [Archives] has designed these display magnets and stickers. Available starting today at her Etsy shop, AnimatedTrot, Digital Artwork. Photo provided by artist. Border added for postContinue reading “The Magnetic Attraction of Saddlebreds”

Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     I added Milton and Previous Horse to the Thoroughbred Sport Tracker of the Retired Racehorse Project. The weirdest part of the whole thing for me is the RRP subtitle, “Increasing Demand for Thoroughbreds” Increasing demand? When did this happen? There used to beContinue reading “Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You”

Saddlebred Versatility, Jumpers

Adventures in Saddle Seatbreds   This post is straight-up digital stalking. I wasn’t there. I don’t know anything more than what I’ve seen online. If you know more about ASB-over-fences showing, please correct me. If you were there to watch or ride, wanna do a guest post and tell us all about it? This year,Continue reading “Saddlebred Versatility, Jumpers”

Video Or It Didn’t Happen, The Home Team Goes to Falcon Hill

Training Journal   Falcon Hill Farm Milton goes mini-XC. Part of our holiday adventures [Ears, Turtle Steps]. Thursday, July 4. Milton jumping a course. Video by Molly McCown. [Ditto]. Sunday, July 7. Rodney checking out the ring. There was more tension in walk that is evident in video. However, he did an outstanding job forContinue reading “Video Or It Didn’t Happen, The Home Team Goes to Falcon Hill”