Time For A Little Smackerel Of Something

Random Images The world is vast & weird.     Bourbon Chocolates Bourbon Truffles Old Kentucky Chocolates Lexington KY, USA The classics. Doing my part to #shoplocal and #supportsmallbusiness during #thebestweekendallyear. LRK3DE There is a second box of bourbon truffles at the bottom of the pile. I had planned to be sedate and get oneContinue reading “Time For A Little Smackerel Of Something”

The Horse World Goes Virtual

The world is vast & weird & wonderful in parts.     Rolex, as was #LRK3DE Virtual Event Virtual version of the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event April 23 – 26, 2020 Fan membership required, free promo code supplied Video teaser says 20+ years of content, TV programs, rider reflection, ride reviews, athlete features, winningContinue reading “The Horse World Goes Virtual”

Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     I added Milton and Previous Horse to the Thoroughbred Sport Tracker of the Retired Racehorse Project. The weirdest part of the whole thing for me is the RRP subtitle, “Increasing Demand for Thoroughbreds” Increasing demand? When did this happen? There used to beContinue reading “Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You”

Throwback Thursday, The Whatever Horse, Guest Photo

Random Images     Just George Seneca Valley Pony Club Horse Trails 1987 (I’ll save you the math. 32 years ago. I was 24.) Photo by Deborah Rubin George took everything I threw at him. Eventing? Whatever. Hunters? Whatever. Side-saddle? Whatever. Foxhunting? Whatever. Bridleless & bareback? Whatever. Fancy dress side-saddle with imported double bridle? Whatever.Continue reading “Throwback Thursday, The Whatever Horse, Guest Photo”

Watching Kentucky, Having Opinions

  Spent Saturday watching the livestream of Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event presented by Mars Equestrian. It ain’t what it used to be. I understand how the changes happened. I watched from the sidelines as eventing got rid of penalty zones, created the ‘Unjumpable Fence’ between options, got rid of unjumpable fences, created split flaggedContinue reading “Watching Kentucky, Having Opinions”

Times Change, KY Edition

Rolex Kentucky starts tomorrow [Archives]. Huh. Took me completely by surprise. There I was, reading the post Are You Ready over on Contact: The Pursuit of PSG. I’m expecting high-level dressage musings. I get a picture of the author and friends in front of the main stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park. Wait. What? Rolex-as-wasContinue reading “Times Change, KY Edition”