Time For A Little Smackerel Of Something

Random Images The world is vast & weird.     Bourbon Chocolates Bourbon Truffles Old Kentucky Chocolates Lexington KY, USA The classics. Doing my part to #shoplocal and #supportsmallbusiness during #thebestweekendallyear. LRK3DE There is a second box of bourbon truffles at the bottom of the pile. I had planned to be sedate and get oneContinue reading “Time For A Little Smackerel Of Something”

Horse Art Found On My Kitchen Counter

Graphic Design     14 Hands Winery Cynthia Sampson, artist I’m ambivalent about featuring an alcoholic product on this blog. The cover art is pretty. I have issues with the contents. On one hand, there is an enormous social and personal cost to alcoholic misuse. On the other hand, I enjoy the occasional beer afterContinue reading “Horse Art Found On My Kitchen Counter”

Horse Show Hack – Ice

Horsekeeping   The best way to keep drinks cold is good old-fashioned solid water. We used to put our drinks in the refrigerator the night before and then use rechargeable freezer packs. This meant being organized enough to remember the drinks the night before and having enough room in the fridge. More importantly, this keptContinue reading “Horse Show Hack – Ice”