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Bourbon Chocolates
Bourbon Truffles
Old Kentucky Chocolates
Lexington KY, USA

The classics. Doing my part to #shoplocal and #supportsmallbusiness during #thebestweekendallyear. LRK3DE

There is a second box of bourbon truffles at the bottom of the pile. I had planned to be sedate and get one of each. However, the shipping was a large fraction of the price. Might was well toss in another as long as I’m paying to have it flown in on fairy wings. Not like I can order more when this is done, either. They stop shipping once the weather gets hot.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In defense of the shipping cost, the box contained layers of bubblewrap, thermal wrap, ice packs, and under all that, the chocolate. The box was quite heavy. The contents arrived in delightful shape.

Chocolate is always welcome. Even more so when it arrives to cheer you up on the same day your horse blows a tire. Rodney had neatly removed his left front shoe. Yeah, the other one. [Ride or Not]

My admiration for OKC is not new. Photo from 2017 of my white truck with the image of me making the shot in the rear window. [2018 The Road Leads to Lexington, 2017 7 Ways To Dodge Nostalgia, in 2014 OKC was not open late and I had to settle for books Logistics]
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