To Ride Or Not To Ride, The Question Is Irrelevant


Lucky enough to have a horse.


Looks around. Gathers courage. Steps quietly into the ring.

The Internet has been awash with opinions. “Closer to home, I’ve seen some *insane* comment threads on social media. ” ‘fraidy cat eventing: news from the front

In One Corner: Horses count as an agricultural exemption. I can do anything I want.

Voice of Moderation: This isn’t a court of law. The virus is not going to be impressed that you found a loophole.

In The Other Corner: Don’t ride. If you get hurt, you will clog up the medical system.

Voice of Moderation: All of the not-ride rhetoric is coming from within the horse world. Medical and scientific experts are saying Stay Home or Stay Separate. They are not saying Don’t Move.

Me: Weighing all of the arguments, I have decided …

Rodney: I lost a shoe.

Me: Well, shit. Two horses. Off at the same time [Shoeing]. No one who owns horses will be surprised in the slightest.

Rodney: I have a shoe. Now my foot hurts from being barefoot.

Me: Well, shit.

Update [Saddletime, The Sequel]

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

9 thoughts on “To Ride Or Not To Ride, The Question Is Irrelevant

  1. Farrier care during the Covid-19 crisis is, well tricky. I had to pull Freedom’s glue-on shoes because my farrier it doesn’t fit with my farrier’s safety precautions (owner can’t hold the horse and glue-ons take too long to put on in cross ties). That essentially makes him a pasture ornament for the time being. Thank goodness Zelda is barefoot because I’m not sure how often my farrier will be able to come back!

    Everyone has to judge what’s safe for them. I’m not going to throw my opinion into the mix.

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