In Which Horses Remind Us That They Don’t Care What Is Happening Globally


Lucky enough to have a horse.

After spending April shedding his shoes [To Ride, Saddletime], Rodney continues to be … diverting. Yeah. We’ll go with that, diverting. Let’s look at the timeline.

Blacksmith was able to come out right away. Yay. I found the shoe so they were able to quickly hammer it back into shape and tack on. Yay. We were able to go for a team walk on our anniversary. Things were looking up …

… or not. The day after the walk, Rodney came in with a big leg from being kicked on the inside of his right hind. Either kicked himself or had help from his roommate. Small, even tiny, nick. Enough swelling in the leg to get him out of work but not enough to prevent him cavorting around the field.

I may have sat on him bareback during rehab.

If he can trot completely sound out in the pasture, he can play couch while Milton works.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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