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Note one. This is about golf. Imagine it for horse shows. Wouldn’t that be cool? Of course, horse media outlets do not have the deep pockets of Golf Digest.

Note two. No illustrations here. You will have to click over. Don’t want to step on any copyright toes. Not as familiar with how those issues apply to art.

“The draw of drawing the Masters”
By Christoph Niemann
Golf Digest
March 24, 2020
Drawings and discussion of his process

“Last year I went to Augusta to draw the Masters for Golf Digest.”
Christoph Niemann, Twitter

What a dream assignment!

Apparently, Niemann is a regular illustrator for them, GD: contributor archive.

His website.

For ongoing doses of art, see his Instagram site, Abstract Sunday.

Other interesting ways to cover horse shows, golf tournaments, engineering conventions, whatever: hire a songwriter, have a cartoonist post hourly drawings, sell custom-decorated cupcakes. Your ideas?

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