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Letter Art, AlphaBooks: Y is for Yoors


The Gypsies
Jan Yoors
Simon & Schuster 1967

Bought from Discover Books via

Genre: Travel, Personal Narrative
New Find
Did I read it? Yes. Be warned. You will have Cher singing Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves in your head for the duration of the book.
Horse Factor: Some horse trading, mostly life in horse-drawn wagons.

Process Notes: Progress! Yesterday & today were 99% Inkscape, including watermark. I had to open them in GIMP to convert to JPEG. Since this appears to be standard, I’m not going to mention it anymore. My designs are still basic, but I am starting to see what can be done in vector graphics.
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This year, I’m using names of horses in books as well as authors of books. Otherwise, I’ll run out of letters. I’ve already had to with Z, both this year & last. Which books would you choose?

Why reverse alphabetical? Why not? [2015 Alphabet On the ordering of the alphabet]

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In Which I Reblog Myself

… what should i do in New York City … this looks like fun … this restaurant looks good … a lot of these recommendations come from New York Cliché … i should see if she’s free for a blogger meet-up … wait, i can’t ask a total stranger to meet … can i? … genius idea. She’s an actress. i’ll ask if there are any performances we can attend … that sounds less stalker-ish … silence … she’s in this New York Cliché, Drunk Restoration Comedy Presents: Meaneth Girls or the Tragedy of Regina George, but it’s not playing while we are there … i tried … that was a fun trip … email from New York Cliché… didn’t see letter-sorry to miss-hope you had a great time-did i have any stories-would i like to guest post? … guest post? guest post? cool … i can talk about this, and this, and this … wait, a story is narration, this is exposition … well, it’s what i got … if she doesn’t use it, i can … she likes it! she likes it! … maybe this will be my breakout post … the one that gets Freshly Pressed, and goes viral, and gets quoted years from now by other bloggers [Blogging Goals] … but without the nasty side effects of fame, The Everywhereist: My Post About Feminism Went Viral. Days Later, My Twitter Account Was Hacked … is it out yet? … no … is it out yet? … no … is it out yet? … it’s out! New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now? … my first guest post written to purpose! … i’ll post the link here and here and here … how sweet … comments! … that was nice of her to say … and … nothing … no fireworks stats … no global recognition of my brilliance … the world moved on … how dare it … i wonder if this is how if feels to write a book, sell a nice number of copies, and then have it fade into the sunset … i can reblog it … reblogging myself, is that meta or next-level narcissism? … at least i got a blog post out of it.


This is a screenshot. For the rest of the post, please click on the image or visit New York Cliché, Guest Post: Born and Raised a New York Native….But Now?

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Foto Friday: Wall Street Sunrise


Random vacation snap or clever foreshadowing?

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Travel Foto Friday: London, Imperial Camel Corps Memorial, Guest Post

Wiki: Imperial Camel Corps Memorial
Statues – Hither & Thither: Imperial Camel Corps Memorial
View from the Mirror. A Cabbie’s London: WWI 100: London’s Memorials… The Imperial Camel Corps

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Foto Friday: Hoofprints on the Road

Painted hoofprints on the road outside of the Germantown Charity Horse Show showgrounds. Did these prevent us from missing the turn on Sunday morning after two days of driving to the showgrounds? I’m not saying.


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Franklin Fairwell

Driving Thursday

Last weekend was our last scheduled lesson at Whip Hand Farm for the season. Canceled on account of Nate. We will be back, hopefully with Milton in tow.

Not farewell, but au revoir.

Easing on down the road.

Whip Hand Farm 2017

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New Equipment: Carriage

A new-to-us Glinkowski Marathon Carriage

Carriage in winning action with Jewel and Coach Kate

We’ve known this carriage was coming. A while back, Greg and Coach Kate found it on the used market at the same time. Instead of getting into a bidding war, they decided that Coach Kate would buy it and use it for the summer. Then, if we were still interested, we could buy it from her when we were ready for it and her new marathon carriage was ready for her.

On the way up to Indiana [Show Report], we stopped at Whip Hand Farm to load this carriage onto our truck and bring it to the show.

On the way home, Coach Kate texted us. Did we want to just go ahead straight home, and keep carriage with us? Why, yes. Yes, we did.

After four states, three days of horse show, and 90o weather, I think we were more interested in saving the hour of driving over to WHF than in whether or not were were buying a carriage.

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