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Foto Friday: Trailer Shadow

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Foto Friday: Spotted at Sibyl Temple

Sibyl Temple
Vestavia Hills, AL USA

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Trailer Training

More stand lessons [Here We Stand 2013, Rodney Lately 2017]. This time, we are standing near/in the trailer.

Since the incident [Dubious Future], Rodney gets goofy when he leaves the pasture. When I went to get him for the farrier, he refused to leave the field. He broke his ground tie while I unchained the gate – he never does this – and ran to the far end of the pasture. When I hauled him back up, he would stop every 50 feet, ‘Don’t wanna.’ Walk. Pause. ‘Ain’t gonna.’ Walk. Pause. He thought he was headed for the trailer. Once out, he kept staring over his shoulder. Trying to keep his eye on the hideous white box?

First remedial session: No. Not hysteria, just no. Got on with inducement in the form of showing him the buggy whip. Second remedial session: no inducement, front feet on. Third (or maybe the fourth? I’ve lost count.) remedial session: stood on trailer eating hay. Backed off. Got on. Stood on trailer eating hay. Backed off. And so on.

In the Department of Silver Linings, it’s nice to be doing something I’m good at. Riding? Show nerves? No idea what happens inside my own head. Teaching a horse to be a happy-loading pony? I got this.

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Driftwood Horse Art, Guest Photos

Rita Dee
Helmholz Fine Art
Manchester VT

Photos taken with permission of gallery.
Photos posted with permission of photographer.

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Surviving the Drive

Driving Thursday

Each lesson at Whip Hand Farm is framed by a seven-hour, round-trip drive. Because of the home horses, we go up and back in a day. Here’s how we’ve tuned our routine.

Take the Comfortable Car
The Fiat is a great car [Today, photo]. It is also a cheap car. One way to keep the cost down is power it with small squirrels. The one in charge of the AC simply cannot keep the car cool in the summer, particularly for the passenger, who gets the rising sun on the way up and the setting sun on the way down.

Manage the Stops
You lose time from when you lift your foot off the accelerator until you are back on the highway at speed. Therefore, it’s hard to stop in less than 15 minutes. Stop twice and, you’ve blown half an hour. Coffee and morning soda will not allow us to head up without a break. Often we are able to get back down without stopping. TMI.

Bring Food
We have a cooler of drinks and a basket of food. Turning the truck into a rolling picnic is a) cheaper and b) means the highway reststop at the border rather than pulling off for a gas/convenience store. Time saved.

Provide Entertainment
Audible on my phone. Podcasts on Greg’s phone. Both sync with the truck’s audio system. After almost 30 years of marriage and almost 40 of knowing him (?!?), I still enjoy Greg’s company. However, a bit of narrative provides diversion for those long, flat, straight highway miles.

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Life Lesson in a Trailer Spring

We took out the trailer partition to see if Rodney would like it that way [Future]. We put it back for Milton.

One of the elements is the large spring that swings the divider away from the horse. Due to the tension required, it was a bear to get back on. We used brute strength. We used levers. We finally squoze it on using a large clamp.

It was on upside down. The pointy end faced the horse. We took it off. Turned it around. It popped on as easy as you please.

The lesson here is not difficult to determine.

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Foto Friday: Where in the World is Spotted? Guest Post

Photos by Michelle Duplichien. Scroll over for answers. Welcome, Michelle.

Michelle has a sister to Spotted, also named Spotted, making this the toy horse version of the clones on Orphan Black, which I have not seen but sounds interesting on the commercials, although Tatiana Maslany is one person playing many roles while the Spotteds are two horses playing one role. Started well, that sentence.

Hyracotherium, Guest Post

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