In Which I Learn The Power of Simply Being There

It was a short, strange trip. A friend’s mother died after a nasty illness. My friend was, as you would expect, not happy. I went to DC in order to provide moral support during the funeral mass. I flew up. Stayed with her for three days. Went home. That was it. You have to understand,Continue reading “In Which I Learn The Power of Simply Being There”

North Irish Horse, Guest Photos

Back to Ireland. Welcome Amy [Archives]. ~~~   “There is above a smaller figure of St George on horseback slaying a dragon.” Belfast City Council: Tourism and Venues: Belfast City Hall: Stained Glass Windows: > World War I North Irish Horse window Belfast City Hall Donegall Square Belfast BT1 5GS Northern Ireland Type: Non freestandingContinue reading “North Irish Horse, Guest Photos”

A Spirited Horse, Slane, Ireland, Guest Photos

Introduction, next few days. I am away from the blog being morally supportive. I leave you with a handful of photo posts from the reserves. Back soon. Introduction, today. My friends are awesome. They go places. They send me pictures. Today, we travel vicariously to Ireland courtesy of Amy Vanderryn [Archives]. Photos by Amy. TextContinue reading “A Spirited Horse, Slane, Ireland, Guest Photos”

Rodney in the Hall of Fame

On My Mind, Miscellaneous Thoughts   Rodney Jenkins, that is. Rodney-the-horse is named after Mr. Jenkins. As a rule, I’m not crazy about copying someone else’s name. It lacks creativity. However, I had a horse whose name started with R-O- (Roscoe) and a desperate desire to change our luck [Repost, BTE 6 of 9: BackContinue reading “Rodney in the Hall of Fame”