Rodney in the Hall of Fame

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Rodney Jenkins, that is. Rodney-the-horse is named after Mr. Jenkins. As a rule, I’m not crazy about copying someone else’s name. It lacks creativity. However, I had a horse whose name started with R-O- (Roscoe) and a desperate desire to change our luck [Repost, BTE 6 of 9: Back To Square One]. Magical thinking? Moi?

Show Jumping Hall of Fame: Rodney Jenkins. Photos from the Rolex Arena, taken during the Saddle Seat World Cup, July 2018.

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3 thoughts on “Rodney in the Hall of Fame

  1. “I would practice every day, from daylight until dark, to be honest, and when I showed, I rode 50 a day, a lot of days.” And therein folks, is the golden nugget. 😉

  2. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. When talent works hard? Yowza.

    I saw him & Idle Dice at the Garden when I was a kid. Double yowza.

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