Clothing Kaleidoscope

That’s me. Riding fashionista. Not.

Sun Shirts – Joining The New Millenium
I was so so taken with the show shirt [Surprise], that I splashed out on two more sun shirts for schooling.

Blue Tailored Sportsman [No website? Google is only giving me retailers.]. Same-color, ventilated sleeves. The medium was a better fit, but the store only had the pretty deep blue in large.

Hibiscus R.J. Classics, Ella Ladies’ Schooling Shirt. Ventilated & decorated back & sleeves. Large. Medium was a little too form fitting. R.J. Classic sleeves are longer, if this is a chronic problem for you as it is for me. Update. To clarify, the sleeves are FINALLY long enough for me. Almost every shirt I own is an inadvertent 3/4 sleeve. The idea of sleeves being too long is so foreign that it never crossed my horizon. YMMV

Britches – The Clean Pants Problem
Saddle seat jodhpurs are only worn during lessons. It is easy to keep track of the condition of the available pants. I have plenty of time to wash and air dry a dirty pair.

Hunter/jumper britches are worn at home. I do barn work in them. They get spotted and stained. I have to plan ahead in order to have a clean pair for lessons, particularly since I can’t toss them in the dryer if I forget.

Coach Molly and I are still at the clean pants & shiny boots stage of our relationship. I’m sure standards will slide. OTOH, I doubt they will decay to the condition of my britches when I’m riding in the backyard.

Previous post on the subject [Getting Dressed, Harder Than You Would Think]

Upshot of all this was that I need more schooling britches.

Moss Green George Morris (Website?) Britches.

While I’m not a fan of how Mr. Morris turned hunter equitation from a development league for our jumper riders into a destination, these were the only available alternative to boring tan. Principles versus aesthetics.

Size 28, which I haven’t worn for a while, which would indicate size inflation, which would be ironic given Mr. Morris well-published attitude toward heavier riders.
Boot Socks – Can Never Have Too Many, Well Theoretically One Could, But It’s Going To Be A While Before I Get There.
No matter how many I accumulate, I never seem to be able to put my hands on a pair. Ovation® Zocks™

Procedural notes.
As with the show shirt [Surprise], this is a look-what-I-did post, not an review nor an endorsement of these item or brands. I am the diametric opposite of a shopasaurus. I loathe every aspect of the process. I went to a place I trust, Carousel Tack Shoppe. These items were available. They solved my problems. Done. I realize this is not the best way to save money. OTOH, it saves my time and sanity.

Neither do I have any affiliate arrangements. Links provided to satisfy my need for order.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Clothing Kaleidoscope

  1. I agree with you about George Morris.
    Size inflation is a reality. I can’t order clothes online unless it is something I already have so I know it will fit. I have clothes in my closet in a range or 2 or 3 different sizes, and they all fit. Well, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be keeping them. And sleeves too long? I practically have to hem them. Unless they have button cuffs, then I just move the button over and let the sleeves blouse out.
    I hate shopping.

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