Don Me Now My Gay Apparel, Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019

Blogging About Blogging Let’s Get Meta   First Order Of Business All hail The Printable Pony for organizing the blogger gift exchange. These things are always more of a hairball than they seem from the outside. How hard can it be to collect a few names, match them up, & list the resulting blog posts?Continue reading “Don Me Now My Gay Apparel, Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange 2019”

Clothing Kaleidoscope

That’s me. Riding fashionista. Not. Sun Shirts – Joining The New Millenium I was so so taken with the show shirt [Surprise], that I splashed out on two more sun shirts for schooling. Blue Tailored Sportsman [No website? Google is only giving me retailers.]. Same-color, ventilated sleeves. The medium was a better fit, but theContinue reading “Clothing Kaleidoscope”

Show Shirt Surprise

Ovation® Destiny Evercool Long Sleeve Show Shirt- Ladies’, White/Periwinkle. Image from manufacturer’s web page. Back when I was learning to dress myself, cotton was good, polyester was bad. Cotton was soft and breathable. Polyester was wrapping yourself in Saran Wrap. Flash forward to the show last weekend [Show Report]. Time to dress for dressage. IContinue reading “Show Shirt Surprise”

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

The day before the show [Up & Down], I picked up the clothes I had fitted at the previous show [Riding Vs Showing: Meet-up In A Hotel Room]. I’m not used to this high living. Vest When I would put on my fancy, custom vest [New Clothes] at shows, I would think, ‘Hmmmpf, this doesn’tContinue reading “All Dressed Up And No Place To Go”

Getting Dressed, Harder Than You Would Think

Adventures in Saddle Seat     I’m having trouble dressing myself lately. Saddle Seat Pants over socks. The extra-long ends of the pant legs drape down elegantly over one’s jodhpur boots. Jumping/Dressage Socks over pants. A smooth layer of sock makes it easier to pull on/zip up tall boots. Picture me standing there, riding pantsContinue reading “Getting Dressed, Harder Than You Would Think”

Riding Vs Showing, Show Report, Winter Tournament 2018-19 #3, Riding

Adventures in Saddle Seat   Alabama Winter Tournament 2018-2019 Heathermoor Farm Riding Academy Moody AL, USA Saturday, January 12, 2019 1. Advance Horsemanship WTC Adult – 4th of 6 2. Advanced Equitation WTC Adult (Pattern) – 1st of 4 7. Pleasure Horse or Pony WTC Adult – 2nd of 5 All riding classes with Sultan’sContinue reading “Riding Vs Showing, Show Report, Winter Tournament 2018-19 #3, Riding”

My Doctor Whooves Scarf, The Origin Story, Guest Post

Tackbox Tales   The talented knitter who created my Doctor Who scarf has made noises about a blog takedown. Therefore, I am reblogging, with permission, the scarf origin story from Blithe Traveler, The Doctor’s Scarf, so that I will have it in my archives. Scarf posts The scarf arrives and is modeled by Rodney [FotoContinue reading “My Doctor Whooves Scarf, The Origin Story, Guest Post”