Riding Vs Showing, Show Report, Winter Tournament 2018-19 #3, Riding

Adventures in Saddle Seat

Alabama Winter Tournament 2018-2019
Heathermoor Farm Riding Academy
Moody AL, USA
Saturday, January 12, 2019

1. Advance Horsemanship WTC Adult – 4th of 6
2. Advanced Equitation WTC Adult (Pattern) – 1st of 4
7. Pleasure Horse or Pony WTC Adult – 2nd of 5
All riding classes with Sultan’s Miracle Man.
Thank you to Courtney Huguley for always awesome Sam.

Prologue: The Riding/Showing Scale
At one end of the scale, you are on a green horse. With the best will in the world, a green horse will be inconsistent in tempo, behavior, direction, and so on. You have to be ready for that. Green horses can misbehave. You have to be ready for that as well. At the other end of the scale is the highly trained show horse. You work just as hard, but the aids are subtler and the goal is to refine a brilliant performance.

First Class: Forgetting Where I Am
I knew I wasn’t riding as well as I had in my most recent lesson, but I couldn’t figure out why. Well, now that I have my truck back [We Got Wheels yay!], I can travel. In the week before the show, I took a saddle seat lesson on Wednesday and took Milton over on Friday [Cantering This Way and That]. Should have done it the other way around. Note to self, don’t have a hunter/jumper lesson on a green horse the day before an ASB show. I was riding rather than showing.

Second Class: Equitation Victory
In brief break between classes, my ground crew reminded me that I did not have to keep checking in with Sam. I know what Sam is going to do. It helped that I am comfortable with patterns and that Sam is the pattern king.

Third Class: Show Your Horse
I kept my mental act together and remembered to engage the fine tuning that one is supposed to employ in the show ring. I am proud of the second. Winter Tournament is not Academy. Advanced is open to suit riders on fancy horses.

Post-show: Meet-up In A Hotel Room
After the show, I scampered off to have my show vest [New Clothes] and pants [Show Report: It Takes a Village] given the once over. Becker Brothers had rented a meeting room in a nearby hotel to act as temporary fitting room. I had planned to buy new, longer pants. Turns out the ones I have were a) nicer than the ones on offer, b) originally from BB, and therefore c) could be altered. Three cheers for serendipity. I still have no idea when I will be showing, but I’ll look slick when I do.

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  1. woooo congrats on those awesome placings!! and even better that you didn’t need to buy new pants haha! pretty sure we need more pictures from the event tho 😉 #justsayin

  2. It was a small, 5-barn, schooling show, but a win is still a win. As for media, yeah I’m terrible about remembering. There are exceptions … This is what we writers call subtle foreshadowing.

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