A Wordless Short, More Show Photos, Winter Tournament 2018-19 #3

Adventures in Saddle Seat


No lesson since the show [Report]. So, a few more of Deb’s photos [A Wordless Story]. This time of Sam & me. Welcome back, Deb.

Photo by Deb Kesecker

Photo by Deb Kesecker

Photo by Deb Kesecker


I know I said wordless, but I have to point this out. Did you notice that she got me *just* as I was swinging into the saddle? You can tell by the small amount of daylight between me & the horse and that my butt is still off center. Nice timing!

Now that I’m talking, the first two are of me getting on for warm up. The last is me readjusting my stirrup after swapping with one of Sam’s other riders.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. I agree. There are also hard! When I try for candids, I get random pieces of scenery with no story. Much as I hate how I look in the first one – hello, where did the jowly, old lady come from? – I love how much action is in that single still image.

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