Doctor Whooves Is Going Places

Photography   Awareness of the Outside World. Am I being socially sensitive or jumping on the cultural bandwagon? Either way. Happy Juneteeth! ~~~ An eleventh-hour purchase from the now defunct USPS custom stamp program. “Sadly, the U.S. Postal Service has ended its customized postage program and we are no longer able to offer PhotoStamps.” PhotoStamps.Continue reading “Doctor Whooves Is Going Places”

Rodney Makes His Weekly Cameo On His Own Blog

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     One of my first photos with my new phone was this ear shot for this post. I have my priorities. Progress Report Rodney and I can walk, trot, and canter at home with minimal flashes of anxiety on the part of horse orContinue reading “Rodney Makes His Weekly Cameo On His Own Blog”

We – The Unicorns … Go On A Road Trip, Guest Post

Welcome Meg! [Archives] Meg McKinney, Photographer [We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post] ~~~     We – The Unicorns … Go On A Road Trip Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney   As if they stepped off a color wheel, the unicorns became brilliant creatures in the sunshine. I couldn’t resist taking theirContinue reading “We – The Unicorns … Go On A Road Trip, Guest Post”

We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post

Welcome Meg! [Archives] ~~~ We – The Unicorns … Arrive Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney     A small herd of unicorns emerged from my mailbox, without prior notification, or tracking number, one day this spring. I don’t know how they got there; perhaps an admin from another universe shipped them.     SeeingContinue reading “We – The Unicorns … Arrive, Guest Post”

Found Fotos, Milton at Full Circle Horse Park

Photography I’m calling it coronavirus cabin fever. When you are so bored, you finally clean your house. Found these in an old secretary’s envelope from Full Circle Horse Park. Odd & ends being handed out by the photographer I assume. Jeremy Villar Photography The whiteout in the photos below is an error with my scanner,Continue reading “Found Fotos, Milton at Full Circle Horse Park”

Screensaver Dreams

Photography   For your entertainment. “‘I’m singing for them’: Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell, recovering from coronavirus, now sings from his NYC apartment window to salute health care workers.” By Ellen Moynihan, New York Daily News, Apr 13, 2020. This song always gets me in the feels, even more so now. Click over for video.Continue reading “Screensaver Dreams”