A Herd of Postcrossing Horses

Celebrating Art In Small Packages   Awareness of the outside world. Tons of it. Literally. See last postcard. ~~~ Back Copy Siena – Tuscany – Italy Palio della Contrade nel secolo XVIII The Palio in the 18th century Other Info Painting by by Giuseppe Zocchi The Atlantic: ‘Instagram’ for 18th-Century Tourists, In the 1700s, highlyContinue reading “A Herd of Postcrossing Horses”

Doctor Whooves Is Going Places

Photography   Awareness of the Outside World. Am I being socially sensitive or jumping on the cultural bandwagon? Either way. Happy Juneteeth! ~~~ An eleventh-hour purchase from the now defunct USPS custom stamp program. “Sadly, the U.S. Postal Service has ended its customized postage program and we are no longer able to offer PhotoStamps.” PhotoStamps.Continue reading “Doctor Whooves Is Going Places”

Horse Stamp, Rearing Stallion, Alexander Calder

Celebrating Art   The Stamps Commemorative stamps issued March 25, 1998, the 100th anniversary of Calder’s birth. Designed by Derry Noyes. Manufactured by Stamp Venturers, Inc. Smithsonian, National Postal Museum, Arago: Alexander Calder Issue U.S. #3198-3202 1998 32¢ Alexander Calder Issue Date: March 25, 1998 City: Washington, DC Quantity: 80,000,000 Printed By: Stamp Venturers PrintingContinue reading “Horse Stamp, Rearing Stallion, Alexander Calder”

Lunar New Year Stamps, The Undesirable Becomes Adorable

Celebrating Art     The stamps are cute in pictures. They are gorgeous in person. The crown and the forehead circlet are bright, shimmery gold color. Judging by the drawings around the border, this style will continue through the 12-year cycle. If so, we may have annual feature on our hands. “The image offers aContinue reading “Lunar New Year Stamps, The Undesirable Becomes Adorable”

Stamps 2019, Post Office Murals

Celebrating Art     “Kiowas Moving Camp” (1936) Anadarko, Oklahoma One of the Kiowa Six, a group of 20th-century Native-American artists hailing from Oklahoma, Stephen Mopope (1899–1974) designed a multi-part mural depicting Plains Indian life. Mopope and Kiowa Six artists James Auchiah (1906–1974) and Spencer Asah (ca. 1906–1954) painted 16 murals with tempera paint directlyContinue reading “Stamps 2019, Post Office Murals”

A Colorful Quad

Graphic Design     Aitutaki, Cook Islands Year of the Horse 2014 “Aitutaki resumed a separate stamp issuing policy in 1972. The issues were aimed at the thematic collectors market. … since the late 1990’s, stamp production has been limited. The stamps of the Cook Islands remain valid on Aitutaki, while the issues of AitutakiContinue reading “A Colorful Quad”