A Colorful Quad

Graphic Design



Aitutaki, Cook Islands
Year of the Horse 2014

“Aitutaki resumed a separate stamp issuing policy in 1972. The issues were aimed at the thematic collectors market. … since the late 1990’s, stamp production has been limited. The stamps of the Cook Islands remain valid on Aitutaki, while the issues of Aitutaki are valid only on the island itself.”
Stamp World History: Aitutaki

My second stamp purchase [#1]. Next step is to figure out how to store/display them. Albums issued by country won’t work for this.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. You can buy stamp mounts in assorted sizes and make your own album with a 3-ring binder, using acid-free paper. If you need addresses for sources let me know.

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