Pretty Pink Horses

Graphic Design

My first stamp order.

“40p – With his head facing backwards, the horse is reminiscing on the previous year, whilst his raised front leg signifies his readiness for the year ahead. The cloud pattern is one of the oldest patterns in Chinese art & architecture.”
Set of 6 Stamps
Souvenir Sheet
Lunar New Year Year of the Horse 2014
Guernsey Stamps and Collectibles
Guernsey Post

I am edging slowly into collecting Year of the Horse stamps. The subject is small enough to be feasible as a back-burner hobby. Year of the Whatnot stamps are issued every 12 years. The USA & Canada started in 2002. Asian countries have been at it longer. The earliest mention found in my rudimentary research is Japan in 1966. So, that’s a handful of stamps per country. OTOH, the area is large enough to keep me occupied. As best I can tell, 65 countries issued Year of the Horse stamps in 2014.

Mostly, I like seeing how the same idea is interpreted by so many different countries.

What’s with the stamps?
[Year of the Stamp]
[My First Stamp Show]

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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