Summer Camp Dressage Letters, A Colorful Idea

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Instead of letters, Coach Courtney has placed markers of laminated colored paper around the inside of the covered ring at Stepping Stone Farm. Trot to purple. Stop at blue. Walk to yellow. Great idea for little saddle seat kids who may never have seen a dressage ring.

Yes, I am riding Milton. No, I’m not announcing any plans for him. Last time I did that [Milton’s Show Schedule], he decide to have major surgery instead [God Laughs].

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Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp Dressage Letters, A Colorful Idea

  1. It wouldn’t take my ‘like’. You can buy reins with colors on them so kids know where/how to move their hands. Or if you know and just can’t decide on a color, LOL.
    Glad you’re riding Milton. Hope it gets better and better.
    Did you know that there used to be a Saturday morning cartoon called “The Milton the Monster Show”? Ever since you got Milton the theme music from that keeps running through my head….(he was a nice monster)

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