2 thoughts on “Rodney’s Foot, The Visuals

  1. One time the blacksmith found a hole in Chief’s foot that he said looked like an abcess had broken and drained on its own. Chief never took a lame step. I had his shoes pulled and he was barefoot for the rest of his life. I found out not long after that the person I bought him from had put shoes on him in the first place; in his prior ‘career’, including being a field hunter, he was always barefoot.
    My mare was also barefoot for most of the time I had her. I have a little box filled with horseshoes. I don’t know which ones went to which horse; Priney (short for Princess) had biggish pony feet, Chief had delicate Arabian feet, and they wore the same size shoe.
    They also wore the same bridle, but for Chief I had to take in the noseband (which I eventually stopped using at all) and let out the throatlatch.

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