Milton’s Show Schedule

Shhhhhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. I am looking at show schedules.

Greg brought up an interesting suggestion. Why don’t I take Milton to a little, local, walk-trot dressage test this Spring?


I’ve been thinking that it would be ages before I could ever show Milton: lessons, schooling, cross-rails, practice shows, on and on. But that’s for hunters, or jumpers, or a combined test. Eventing is not even on the horizon. Walk-Trot? Dressage? I can do that.

Well, I can’t right now, but I can see it would be feasible without requiring months of training or a miracle step. Nor I am I saying that I can do it well. I’m looking for go in, get around, happy kid on a happy pony, finish with a number. Don’t care about the size of the number.

As a bonus, Milton has seen the showgrounds [Outing Report: Full Circle Farm 2017 Fall Schooling Show].

We have a long way to go. It may not happen. But I can picture it well enough to start planning for it.

Switch to dressage-legal bit. Done (Or done once. We’ll see if it sticks.)
Lose the blinkers.
Lose the safety vest.
Ride in the big ring.
Ride with other horses. Dressage test will be alone; warm-up will not be.
Trot more than 5 steps.
Trot for the duration of the test.
Practice test.
Go to FCHP to school.
Check Coggins, etc.
Buy rider boots.
Buy/find rider jacket or suitable shirt.
Buy/borrow leather bridle.
Buy/find show saddlepad.
Enter test, reserving the right to bail at any point.


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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