Rodney as Word Processing Software

Milton is LibreOffice, or Microsoft Word, or any commercially available text program. You want the word “Hello”. You open a file. You type. You get five letters at the top of a page: black, serif, 12 point font, probably Times Roman. Straightforward. Useful for a wide range of activities. Not what you would use to design the marketing strategy of a national chain.

Rodney is FontForge. You want “Hello”? Where do you want it? What size? What color? What thickness on the upstrokes? How do you want to adjust the kerning? Immensely powerful. Immensely complicated.

Rodney will do exactly what I ask him to do. Exactly. If he goes cattywompus around a corner, it’s because I sat cattywompus around a corner. If I want a simple right turn at the walk, I have to check that my balance is properly adjusted down the outside of my body and leg, sit up tall, and bring my inside shoulder up and back. Voilà, a balanced and accurate corner.

The simplest move is complex. Does that mean the complex moves will be simple? Our one exposure to lateral work would indicate yes [Dressage June 2017: We Leg Yield, Who Knew?]. If I can sort myself out to ask correctly, I can design logos that would win Clio Awards.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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