Dressage June 2017: We Leg Yield, Who Knew?

Rodney and I had our third dressage lesson with Mr. E. [March, May].

We went for the full 45 minutes. No quitting early for us.

We trotted. A lot. Probably as much as we have trotted for the rest of phase II combined.

We did leg yields. I would not have said that I knew how to do leg yields. I tried for years with Previous Horse and all I got was attitude. With step-by-step guidance, I got Rodney organized. Then Mr. E. said leg-yield. I told Rodney, ‘Go that-a-way.’ He did. He floated from rail to quarterline like a leaf on the wind.

The next step is to shift the lessons to a place with more space and better footing. Mr. E. has been wanting us to canter for the last two sessions, but it has been too slick.

That’s enough to put anyone in a good mood!

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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