The Magnetic Attraction of Saddlebreds

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.     To fund her shows this year, and to promote the versatility of the American Saddlebred, Sheila Palmer, aka Saddlebred Addict [Archives] has designed these display magnets and stickers. Available starting today at her Etsy shop, AnimatedTrot, Digital Artwork. Photo provided by artist. Border added for postContinue reading “The Magnetic Attraction of Saddlebreds”

Libations & Sustenance

  Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.   Random Images The world is vast & weird.   The planned philosophical discussion & training update was becoming bloated and tiresomely whine-y. New plan. Philosophical discussion, short version. The point of schooling Intro dressage is not to win Intro A , although IContinue reading “Libations & Sustenance”

Rodney, The Instagram Star

Foto Friday   Look who showed up in my Instagram feed.   Rodney before dressage at Full Circle Horse Park [Words]. The dual leadropes are a distinctive look [In Chains]. Prior photos of Milton by Kaitie Fitz Photography [Pix Are Always Amusing To Look Back On]. The title. How does 28 likes = stardom? Well,Continue reading “Rodney, The Instagram Star”

Recent Changes, Rodney’s Bit

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won. Old Bit [Worth 1000 Words] Sprenger UK: Stainless Steel Butterfly Bit New Bit [Getting Our Hunter On] Sprenger UK: Stainless Steel D-Ring “The Max-control is a double-jointed bit which … locks at a certain angle and thus becomes a straight bar.” Sprenger UK: Stainless SteelContinue reading “Recent Changes, Rodney’s Bit”

Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row

Training Journal Show season has ended, with a whimper rather than a bang [Woe, Noshow]. That’s okay because what an Autumn season. Multiple horses! Multiple disciplines! One stretch of nine weekends in a row!! Aside. It’s not all about the shows. I know that. I really do. Shows are exciting diversions. This makes them interestingContinue reading “Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row”