Noshow Number Two

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Looks as if Rodney did not want to do bad dressage any more than I did [Finishing The Season]. Once again, I had to cancel a dressage show [Woe is I].

Same class: Intro A. Making the class as easy as possible in order to concentrate on the psycho-social issues rather than on the technical requirements.

Different show. Dressage at Falcon Hill Farm .

Different foot. Left front this time. Last time was right front.

Same sh*t. After a brief but exciting period wherein he waved his foot around and I feared the worst, Rodney quickly revert to his standard, barely discernible lameness. We’ve been in drought this fall. The ground is hard and very dry. Both times he has been off after it finally rained. Slick? Brain fade on how to walk in mud? Who knows.

Later. I wrote this during the week, as I do [Monday posts]. Rodney was mildly off Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. At breakfast on Saturday morning, he was hopping lame. The change was sufficiently dramatic that a diagnosis of abscess was obvious. Soak & poultice with Epsom salts. By Sunday afternoon, Rodney was sound at trot & canter. His choice, not ours. He did not appreciate being kept up for 24 hours.

I repeat, Horses!

Yes, I’m happy he is sound & that it was a brief/simple problem. Happy enough that I feel free to stomp & snarl a bit.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. People are worse. A person might act like they’re your friend then stab you in the back, but a crocodile makes no pretense that he wants to do anything other that eat you.

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