Now It Can Be Said, Nine In A Row

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Show season has ended, with a whimper rather than a bang [Woe, Noshow]. That’s okay because what an Autumn season. Multiple horses! Multiple disciplines! One stretch of nine weekends in a row!!

Aside. It’s not all about the shows. I know that. I really do. Shows are exciting diversions. This makes them interesting to write about, the same reason we take pictures of our hotel rooms but not of our living rooms. Shows are narratively discrete events. This makes them easy to write about, unlike the imperceptible changes that accumulate from day to day. Both reasons raise the visibility of shows on the blog [Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. Or Not]. End aside.

Let’s check the stats.

ASB show with Whiskey & Sam on Saturday [Spontaneous Showing, Show Report, Alabama Fun Show, ERA Stables, 2019], lesson with Rodney on Sunday [Steady On, Lesson Recap].

Driving demo with Milton [Milton Does Demo Duty].

Obstacle Challenge show with Rodney [Pink Is His Color, Show Report, Alabama Obstacle Challenge Series, King’s Ranch, September 2019].

Lesson with Rodney [Where Are We Now? Lesson Recap].

Obstacle Challenge show with Rodney [In The Pink, Show Report, Alabama Obstacle Challenge Series, L&C Horsemanship Ranch, October 2019, Part 1].

ASB show with Joe & Sam [Taking The Reins, Show Report, Alabama Charity 2019, Driving].

Lesson with Rodney. Plans never solidified.

ASB Hunter show & costume class with Rodney [Getting Our Hunter On, Show Report, SSF Home Show 2019 & Neither Sound Nor Light, Halloween 2019].

Dressage show with Rodney [Woe Is I, Noshow Report, Full Circle Horse Park, Dressage, November 2019].

10 activities, 9 weekends in a row. Two did not happen. For horse scheduling, 80% is a darn good average. Plus shows two weeks before & two weeks after the 9-streak [ Words, Show Report, Dressage, Full Circle Horse Park, August 2019, Noshow Number Two].

It was fantastic to be in a position to make so many plans. To clarify, be in position to make so many plans with a reasonable expectation of them coming to pass. Making hopeless plans is easy.

I almost mention this streak several times, but decided to wait until we were done for the show year. Superstitious, moi?

Despite all this activity, there was not a jump in sight. But I waive that point. I do not press it. I look over it.


Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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