Sitting Out Winter Tournament

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Winter Tournament information went out last week. I said no. People are concerned. I am not.

Specifically, my astounding and awesome groundperson is worried about living with me without a horse show on the horizon until March. His concern is not without merit. “Then that fell through. No horse show. No lesson. Dramatic sniffle. I advised those in my house capable of leaving to go elsewhere for the day.” [Steady On]

Do I want to show? Of course. I always want to horse show.

However. The opportunity cost is too high; Saturdays are too valuable. Currently, both horses are a group project. With winter and daylight savings time, we either work in the morning when it is cold, in the evening when it is dark, or on the weekends. Every show is a day we don’t work with the home team.

For your amusement, the joy of time change in comic form, Idea of Order: Hello Darkness.

On one hand, Winter Tournament is only three Saturdays. On the other hand, one Saturday is 25% (or 20%) of available the Saturdays each month.

It would take a seriously intriguing saddle seat opportunity for me to change my mind. Sam is awesome, but we’ve been there, done that [Lootapalooza]. Since I am too much of a weenie to ride any ASB other than Sam [Lessons, Theory Vs. Reality], I’ll let other people ride in silly temperatures.

Wait. That was overly negative. Let me try again.

Since I am currently using my saddle seat lessons as an chance to enjoy Sam’s company and saving my big girl britches for my own horses [Further Considerations, option 2], I am not likely to be saddling up a new dance partner at Winter Tournament.

So, I said no.

I think there will be plenty to do. Rodney & I need to trot – and canter – miles and miles and miles of poles before we introduce the idea of leaving the ground. Milton needs to get back to driving. Milton & I need to come to terms. Both horses are still at the stage where new ideas are best tested within the confines of a ring. Therefore there will be – cross fingers – lots of riding and driving and shipping and working and horsing. Just no horse shows.

Time to take it to the next level.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. It’s not the ups and downs but the sudden changes in direction…that make life interesting.

    Go for it!


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