Lessons, Theory Vs. Reality

Adventures in Saddle Seat


Home, 100% Potential Energy
So many options at Stepping Stone Farm. A barn full of horses to ride.

Maybe I’ll see if one of the fancy horses wants to go slumming.

Or, the barn has a lot of green horses who need mileage.

Or, they have ventured into ASB hunt seat. I could help with the horses over fences. I’m a jump rider. I can start a horse over crossrails. Easy peasy.

En Route, Reality Sinking In
Maybe I’ll stick with the lesson horses.

The suit horses can be touchy. There was the time I forgot myself and thumped Robert on the side with my lower leg. Boy, was he offended. Coach Courtney says he only got two legs off the ground. Felt like all four to me.

Am I really going to offer to blithely hop on a green horse? Who am I kidding? I can barely wrap my mind around a new lesson horse.

Who am I to think I can school a horse over fences? Sure, I knew how to jump at one point, but that was a long time ago. I’m having enough trouble getting my own horses over crossrails. Do I really want to wade into those waters with strange horses?

This is not a problem. The lesson horses have a lot to teach me. I need to learn cool my jets to converse with Whiskey. Alternatively, Optimus would tolerate me to learning the show bridle.

There is still plenty of opportunity.

Barn, 100% Reality
I’ll ride Sam.

Update [Lessons, Theory Vs. Reality, Further Considerations]

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Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Lessons, Theory Vs. Reality

  1. lol god i relate to this haha, tho replace “which horse will i ride?” with “which jumps will we do?” and yep, expectations vs reality often hits home pretty hard hahaha

  2. Jane: dreaming is better than not dreaming.

    Emma: Oh my. I can soooo see having that internal conversation about jumps. And courses. And what level/division to enter. So what you’re saying it that progress, i.e. getting to the point that we are jumping, will just mean having new things to fuss about? Wherever you go, there you are.

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