Changing of the Guard, Horse Edition

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.   For context. When I had this lesson, my state had no confirmed cases. I have since pulled up the drawbridge. For amusement. Cattening the curve, courtesy of Anne Marie Darling, @amdarling, via Twitter. And now back to our regular programming. ~~~     Rodney had settled intoContinue reading “Changing of the Guard, Horse Edition”

Have You Got All Day? Anatomy of A Saddle Seat Lesson

Adventures in Saddle Seat Enjoy the ride.     I have not had a saddle seat lesson since December. It shouldn’t been this hard. Maybe if I were getting two horses fit for Prelim, I might have an excuse. As is, my life is not that busy. I should be able to fit in aContinue reading “Have You Got All Day? Anatomy of A Saddle Seat Lesson”

Rodney’s Holiday Rides

Training Journal If you’re riding a horse, you’ve already won.     tldr: Going well, Lots of trailering. Lots of walking. Rodney. Is. Exhausting. Because of course he is. Partly due to the enormous expectations I put on him from day one. Will this be the horse who takes me amazing places? Now I add,Continue reading “Rodney’s Holiday Rides”

Learning From Youth

Adventures in Saddle Seat   Saddle seat lesson from Emily Hillhouse, a new instructor at Stepping Stone Farm. Not Sam, but at least Optimus, so I was only minimally stressed about the horse [Theory Vs. Reality]. BEFORE My first riding lesson from someone YOUNGER than me. Technically, Coach Courtney & Coach Kate are younger, butContinue reading “Learning From Youth”

Steady On, Lesson Recap

Training Journal     Had first lesson with Coach Brian, aka Brian Tweed. You know how some folks describe their instructor as a therapist? This one really is, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC. The lesson went as well as I had hoped it would [Where To?]. The lesson was last Sunday. Initially, I bailed onContinue reading “Steady On, Lesson Recap”