Lessons From A Lesson

Jumping Diary     I haven’t yet established Jumping Friday posts. I’ve gotten as far as Falcon Hill Fridays. At least I’m going to the place that has the jumps. Turtle steps. More Canter I’ve forgotten how to canter fast. Saddlebreds go in a slow, collected, teacup canter. Sam has an excellent one. If theyContinue reading “Lessons From A Lesson”

Reaching for the Big Trot, Jump Lesson at FHF

Jumping Diary     Jumping lesson last Friday at Falcon Hill Farm. Takeaways: 1) Instead of simply thumping away at Milton’s sides with my legs, push him to the outside to get him to step bigger. Lower leg. I think I remember reading about that as an aid. 2) Forward to the fence is important.Continue reading “Reaching for the Big Trot, Jump Lesson at FHF”

Because what I need in my life right now is another barn and another discipline.

Overcoming Obstacles in Our Way   Alabama Obstacle Challenge Series AOCS website, Facebook   This would be for Rodney. No jumping. No sand box. Done at a walk. Yes, Rodney had a melt-down over a leather halter [Life in the Slow Lane]. Oddly enough, with the weird-looking shit, he’s brave. Not police-horse, bombproof brave, butContinue reading “Because what I need in my life right now is another barn and another discipline.”

Cantering This Way and That, Jump Lesson at SSF

Jumping Diary   I had my first jumping lesson with a saddle seat instructor (referenced [here]). Yeah, you read that right. It was her first jumping lesson also. Until now, all our work with Coach Courtney has been in her wheelhouse: driving [Hitched! & Maiden Voyage!], holding my paw [I Ride Milton!], even our walk/trotContinue reading “Cantering This Way and That, Jump Lesson at SSF”

Enough Retrospection, What’s Been Happening, Milton

  Milton has been happening all over the county. SSF Stepping Stone Farm remains his happy place. After our inaugural jump [Riding Recap], we went back a few days later. We jumped repeatedly! A whole 3 or 4 times! My ground crew reminded me of the words of a previous instructor, ‘You need to goContinue reading “Enough Retrospection, What’s Been Happening, Milton”