Reaching for the Big Trot, Jump Lesson at FHF

Jumping Diary


Jumping lesson last Friday at Falcon Hill Farm.


1) Instead of simply thumping away at Milton’s sides with my legs, push him to the outside to get him to step bigger.

Lower leg. I think I remember reading about that as an aid.

2) Forward to the fence is important. Forward away from the fence is equally important.

Much exciting-to-do but unimpressive-to-watch trotting of crossrails. The important part of the video is the last jump where we finally built up a sufficient head of steam to canter away. Videos by Molly McCown. I wore the vest in order to practice with it for upcoming XC schooling.

Not a remedial ride. I asked for help with our canter transition. Coach Molly got on to see what was up. Milton was relieved to have me back, ‘Oh good, it’s you. I don’t have to work hard.’

Milton’s post-lesson reward. I love to watch horses roll. The seem to enjoy themselves so much. I am particularly impressed with Milton’s attention to detail.

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5 thoughts on “Reaching for the Big Trot, Jump Lesson at FHF

  1. You both look fantastic! His trot is lovely and forward, and your position is strong and stays out of his way. But hike up those stirrups a few holes!! (Feel free to tell me to eff off, I’m just an internet commenter after all.) I wish my horse would land trotting from a jump, more like land and get the plane up to speed for an aircraft carrier takeoff. He cannot be slowed, lol! Working on it though 😀

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