Still Recording Every Effort, No Matter How Small

Jumping Diary




We had several Eeeek-a-bug moments over this, but I went with him (kinda), he landed quietly, and came around to do it again. Part of the problem was steering. I could not get him to turn into it, so we would swerve out to the right and end up over the larger – relatively – side piece. He utterly failed to have a hissy fit on the far side of the jump. Yay!


I felt the need to massively override this, including biting for the big one on one of the passes. At a pile of poles? Milton said, ‘Ah, sorry Boss, that’s not there. I’ll just trot through this, if you don’t mind.’ Good boy.

The next day, at home, we set a crossrail with lower sides. We got a better line in. He trotted up to, hopped neatly over, and cantered quietly away. I almost believed.


Walk & Trot


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4 thoughts on “Still Recording Every Effort, No Matter How Small

  1. Jumping is way harder without power steering! Sounds fun tho – love the views thru those different colored ears 😉

    1. Ditto with the ears. I never had a camera or phone small enough to carry when I was riding. That view, altho of scenery no jumps, is on a postage stamp but I can’t remember what county. If I can find it I’ll scan it in to my blog (

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