What Happened To All The Jumps?

Jumping Diary


What happened to all the jumps?
They’re still there. I just haven’t gone over them.

Pa-dum, ching.

But seriously folks. I knew jumping progress would be slow. Jumping lessons are all about cantering and I want to practice between lessons. However, I only ride Milton on the weekends or if I have a lesson, and we only canter when we go someplace with a ring. This is not a formula for rapid achievement.

After a flurry of activity over the holidays [Jumping], we practiced once [Cantering], then took the rest of the month off for lameness/sickness [Dunno]. To paraphrase the vulture, Patience my ass, I want to jump something.

All is not lost. As the light increases, my ground crew will be able to supervise before/after work. Every time I sit on Milton, even if we only walk, we inch closer to being able to work at home. Eventually, we will be cantering and jumping at home. Eventually.

I’ve told Miss Molly that jumping lessons will be sporadic. I keep wanting to email her to tell her that I haven’t forgotten, that I haven’t given up. There is no point. My intentions don’t matter. Either I return to Falcon Hill Farm or I don’t.

Mostly, I am heartily disenchanted with being sick. My cough is no longer as alarming as it was. I’m starting to care about life again. I can’t DO anything about it, but I’m starting to care. Way more tired than I have patience for. I take Milton on a hand walk around the field for two laps and then go sit for an hour. Frustrating.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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