Have You Got All Day? Anatomy of A Saddle Seat Lesson

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I have not had a saddle seat lesson since December. It shouldn’t been this hard. Maybe if I were getting two horses fit for Prelim, I might have an excuse. As is, my life is not that busy. I should be able to fit in a 30-minute saddle seat lesson into my week & get on with my life.

Perhaps if I could go, have lesson, & come home.

But no.

A lesson at Stepping Stone Farm looks more like this. Go. Chat. Unload all my gear: brushes, saddle, helmet, etc. Put drinks in fridge for later. Walk around the barn. Check out the new horses. Watch a training session. Chat. Find horse I am riding. Brush. Get grief for talking too long to get ready. Remind Coach Courtney that excellence takes time. Lesson. Brush down horse, maybe massage. Watch another lesson or training session. More chat. Of course, I don’t bring lunch because I’m only going for the morning, and there’s no point in buying lunch because mine is waiting at home for me. Review lesson. Say my good-byes. Check the board to be sure I’m not missing anything interesting. Load up gear. Distribute adieu peppermints to Sam, Dottie & horse of the day. Start truck. Run back into barn for whatever I forgot. I invariably forget something. Leave.

A 10 am lesson means I get home no sooner than 3 pm. I arrive home hungry, tired, and in need of a shower. By the time I repair the damage, it is 5 in the evening and I am wondering where the day went.

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Katherine Walcott

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  1. My lessons have been missing since December too. By the time I get out of work and to the barn it is near dusk. I am uncomfortable unloading and parking the trailer in the dark. Can’t wait for the time change!

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