Horsepeople’s Holiday

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Sun in the evening! Callooh! Callay!

Lest you think I am alone in this, The Idea of Order: Hello, Darkness my Old ‘Friend’… Not the first time I have mentioned a) darkness or b) cartoon on same [Sitting Out Winter Tournament]. Sere also comment by heccateisis on Wednesday about looking forward to the time change. The amount of available daylight forms a major part of your life when you are trying to get things done outside.

Process notes. Inkscape – Diagonal guidelines from axonometic grids. Words bent with path effect editor. Gimp – border & watermark.

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Katherine Walcott

2 thoughts on “Horsepeople’s Holiday

  1. When you rely heavily on a digital watch which is the very devil to reset, these time changes are a really major pain. I still have trouble remembering the date.
    The daylight is there or it isn’t, it’s just how humans organize themnselves around it. Medication schedules can get complicated. Do I keep a chart so I’ll know when meds are due based on what time it was when we started? Or do I just say the hell with it and go with whatever time is on the clock? And hope that the hour difference won’t matter? The docs say half an hour either way is ok, but a whole hour? So far so good – over the years Ewoyn has been on these meds – but I still worry.

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