Training Journal


Speaking of onward & upwards [Sitting Out], I’m just gonna leave these here and go about my day.

.65m Jumper = 2’2″
.75m Jumper = 2’6″
.85m Jumper = 2’9″
.95m Jumper = 3’1″
1.0m Jumper = 3’3″
1.05m Jumper = 3’5″
1.10m Jumper = 3’7″
1.15m Jumper = 3’9″

Low Adult Amateur Jumper -1.00m to 1.05m (3’3″ to 3’5″), better be jumping 3’6″ at home.
High Adult Amateur Jumper -1.10m to 1.15 (3’7″ to 3’9), better be jumping 4′ at home.

Adult Hunter – 3′ & 3’3″


Pre-Amoeba – 12″
Amoeba – 18″
Tadpole – 2′
Beginner Novice – 2’7″
Novice – 2’11”
Training – 3’3″

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

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  1. “If you don’t have a dream …” I wouldn’t mind converting some of these from dream to reality.

    “I wish those tiny heights had been available …” I know, right? I can think of so much of this I would have done. OTOH, people are doing a lot less trail riding than we used to do.

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